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Woman Comes Forward With Allegations Of Being Drugged And Possibly Gang Raped At Harlow’s Casino And Claims Local Law Enforcement Is Involved In A Cover Up


Alleged Victim’s Statement

“On 0ctober 2,2019 Charles (chuck) franks offered to give me a ride to get a part for my btoke down car he said ge had to stop by harlows first to get somemoney a guy owed him.

He went to cefco on 82 bought me a fountain drink I drank most of it before we made it the casino parking lot. I started feeling really sick he said he was gonna run up Stairs wouldn’t take long..i didnt know it at the time but he drugged me with ketamine.

I was getting really sick i couldn’t find my cell phone so I got out the car chuck Frank’s was in the parking lot I asked him where my phone was he said damn I thought that was David’s phone walk up stairs with me to get it.

By the time we got yo 501 david Williams suite I realized he had spiked my drink but i passed out as soon as we got to the door i woke up completely naked with several men in the room. I couldn’t make out all the faces only the silhouette of their bodies except David and chuck cus they were really close to me. by the way i was 7 mos pregnant. It took me a while to be able yo stand on my iwn I was completely naked and i kept asking where my clothes were.. something told me if I put my clothes back on I wasn’t getting out that room alive..

I managed to trick them and make them think I was gonna lay my head on the wall to cool off because I felt like i was on fire. Chuck told David font let her out the room but he was fumbling to get his vlothes on and they hadn’t latched the lock on the door thank god i managed to get out the room butt naked on the 5th floor.

There were ppl in the hallway jo one tried to help me i made it to the elevators butt naked was able to push the button and make it down to the first floor security called s.o. and an ambulance only one deputy showed up Jarrell Evans piece of shit didnt do his job i told them what room I came out of what the men looked like who they were and he said he didn’t have a warrant he couldn’t go in.

Mine you all of my stuff was in that room. Cell phone money debit cards clothes shoes the cup that had the drink in it he gave me… Nothing was collected. When I got yo the hospital tgey tr a ate me like I was just some crazy junkie. I made them do bloodwork on me and requested for a rape kit to be done which they didn’t want to do theg kept asking me why. Well if a woman walks into a motel room fully clothed wakes up naked in a room full of ppl especially men wome type if assault took place.

I may not fould remember what happened but I knew something had happened. had many i witnesses i can tell you more specifics if you would like to sit down and talk to me its some major shit happen and cover-up sex trafficking ring was broke up im sure of it. Ive got specifics and proof to back up everything”

The Washington County Auditor has sent this alleged victim’s statement to Washington County Sherriff Milton Gaston and numerous other city and state leaders.

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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