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Beaten And Stabbed By 18 Women, Victim Seeks Justice


The following quote is from Toni Nicole Williams pleading for justice.

“Hello my name is Toni Nicole Williams. On Monday January 18, 2020 this woman named Kenyarder Shorter text me on Facebook messenger saying somebody told her I “said” she didn’t have any food in her house. I text kenyarder back and told her it wasn’t true and don’t believe the people she still was saying that it was true and she said whenever she see me she was going too fight me this same day around 2:30 pm.

I was walking in Mayersville, Mississippi just trying too get some fresh air me and my boyfriend Merl Johnson and we was no where near her apartment when Kenyarder ran up behind me and Merl Johnson and stabbed me in my back. I then went too the Mayersville, Mississippi Sheriff Department and Kenyarder Shorter was not arrested because the officer on duty, officer Barret is related too Kenyarder by marriage.

The very next day January 19 2021 Kenyarder shorter’s girlfriend Sherrie Bailey began texting me on my Facebook messenger saying she was going too kill me and I wasn’t going too make it home too see my daughter , and that my daughter was going too watch me get buried.

Around the same time she was texting me on my phone. Their cousin, Dee Shorter walked in my apartment and told the girls who were outside “here she go” I then looked out side I seen Sherrie Bailey, Kenyarder Shorter, Deangela Hall ,Dereka Shorter , following by 14 more girls who was threating too bust my window out my apartment if I did not go outside.

I called the police and once again they sent officer Barret out too the scene. I felt like I had no help so I then ran too my car. They got in two cars a black gmc Tahoe with big rims and a silver hyundai and began chasing me down the road. I would not stop  my car so the girls in the black GMC Yukon pulled in front of my car and caused me too run in a field they then got out there car and began punching me in the face in the head and choking me, they pulled my hair out my head scratching my contacts out of my eyes and beating me over and over again with big rocks from the street in my face and knees.

Then they drove off and I called the police and officer Barret and another officer from rolling fork came out named Antwan Jones Antwan was upset that I had been stabbed the day before, then jumped on by 18 girls the very next day and no one still was in jail by today, Thursday January 20, 2021.

Please help send lawyers too me ASAP. Help me get justice, I wanna be the one too help future young women like me who needs help one day please and thank you 

Sincerely Toni Williams “

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