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Another Whistleblower Comes Forward With Claims Of Corruption, Nepotism And Intimidation And A Death Caused By Covid 19!

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The following article consists of mainly direct quotes from a very concerned citizen that wanted the public to know about what is going on in his community.

The post is made up of almost exclusively direct quotes. Only some grammatical or format changes have been made to make it easier for the readers.

“This needs to be put out for everyone to see we are depending on you to make it happen.

So here’s a story you need to report on.

Greenville public school employee dies from covid 19 from another teacher who comes from New York and superintendent wouldn’t let them quarantine themselves for 14 days

And then has fired the wife of the deceased employee because the principal is the superintendent friend and doesn’t like her.

The superintendent then fires the employee with whenc a parent makes aquastions but doesn’t have evidence.

Marcus turner is holding information on Charlie Ezekiel for having sexing with underage child because Dace is her god mother and superintendent – lying on reports about covid cases in the district.

This superintendent needs to be fried and she is spending money on personal items and the school board is just letting her do whatever she wants to do!!!

Photo edited for decency.

I’ve sent all factual information deceased employee is named Sam

Yes this corruption and money stealing needs to be stopped!!

Micheal banks is atlethic director making close to 100k because his wife is friends with Tasha banks on the (Greenville) City council and he doesn’t have but a master degree and there are other people with more qualifications who deserve the position..

T he principal at Coleman is the superintendent’s friend and Sorror and that’s the only reason why she’s there.

She looks over everyone and brings her Sorrors and friends but she was fired from sunflower schools for stealing money we always get the trash here in greenville

Well the citizens are depending on you to bring this out so it can be investigated and she be nonrenwed

I’ve had numerous of calls saying the principal of Coleman middle school and the gpsd superintendent fired the secretary who husband died less than 24hrs ago

She isn’t from here she’s best friends and sorority sister with the superintendent

These are all the places she’s worked

She is not settled and trying to fire all the staff such as all the secretary’s and one of the asst. principals cause she doesn’t like them.

Yes it needs to be posted ASAP cause the citizens need to know about, It ASAP

And contact school board Memebers this need to brought out.

This lady she brought here.. and was (in a )fight (with) a teacher and now she’s the director of circiulam

The superintdent is also working as a realtor and her contract says she’s can only work one job she violating it and that’s a crime

She tried to hire a man who messes with children to be the director at the vocational center

And she’s received letters from state agencies on how she has neglected the schools

With covid 19 so many teachers are testing positive and it’s getting dangerous

Yes, Dr. Dace is violating cdc guidelines standing over children just to take pictures putting them in harms way

Dace standing over student, not socially distanced.

The Washington County Auditor

Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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