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Whistle Blower Outs Dr. Dace And Dr. Merritt In Public Education Scheme In Mississippi.

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“Dr. Wanda Merritt is a fake. Dr. Wanda Merritt filed a false civil rights lawsuit against Grenada school and lost the case and has been banned from Working there for the next 5-10 years.

This false prophet has been preaching but being the devils advocate for Dr Debra Dace…

Their plan to have the district taken over by the MISSISSIPPI DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION is being unfolded

Dr Wanda satans praise leader is bullying former teachers and the school has lost over 75 percent of its certified staff!!

She is not a leader and sources have revealed that she’s has never been a principal due to past jobs the administrators have stated she unprofessional and will not adhere to district polices and procedures!!!

Greenville Public school district school board the question is asked why are you allowing this type of person to lead our kids????

This woman is unprofessional and assigns people to work and do her job and they aren’t paid for it..she bosses Dace around and tell her you run the board don’t let them run you.

Sources have revealed that she has made numerous of calls to the state Board of education doing the same thing she did in Grenada making false claims of ethics violations.

What she doesn’t understand is it’s not a violation when decisions are made for the best interest of the our kids in Greenville.

Board do the community and favor and rid this trash.

Bye Bye prophet Merritt your plans have been revealed!!”

The Washington County Auditor

Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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