Whistleblower Statement Below

“While the GPSD is looking for missing ceiling tiles. Mitch McCollough was released from his job as maintenance director for the missing ceiling tiles, fake invoices, made up companies, painting and remodeling, Calhoun Rental Property and for sharing the money for a fake construction project with his partner in crime. Crooked Greenville City Council Member Tasha Banks.

Dr. Debra “Devil” Dace continues to terrify the district with the help of her special partner in crime Dr Wanda Merritt. It’s reported of her cursing in front of the whole school and staff!!!

She is also telling students to meet her on the streets to fight!! In the attached letter letter it talks about all the illegal acts that are taking place in GPSD.

Will the board and the community keep allowing this foolishness to keep going on!!!!

Where have they put those air conditioners after they stored them at Solomon? And then broke in there a stole them out because the former Chief of SRO Marcus Turner had the alarm systems contracted voided!!!!

Help help help help…why haven’t you punished director of transportation for the number of children either left on the bus or dropped off at the wrong place – this is sad…THEY DONT CARE…THE CHILDREN ARE CRYING OUT HELP HELP HELP”

Contents of letter typed out below.

TO All School Board Members and Concerned Citizens
So Board you gave Dr. Devil Dace extra time to lie and come up with a plot with the help of Wanda
Merritt and now her lap dog Kendra Hall to destroy this school district. Please tell Kendra Hall to stop
bullying teachers because Merritt has her acting as a principal and was overheard by several parents
telling Hall “TO HELL WITH TOOLE” she’s the boards pick not mines she’s too stupid. Why are you
all continuing to allow let this woman to lie dead in your faces? She doesn’t care about any of you all.
Dr. Johnson she knows that you are on her with every particle of her plan so she’s doing all she can along
with City Council Crook Tasha Bailey-Banks cause she’s still sleeping with the preacher (EX-
HUSBAND) to get you off the board so don’t be fooled. It’s obvious that she’s still putting her friends
in spots because Ms. Shirley “My Lips Hang Low” Ford is telling everyone she will be the next director
maintenance and there isn’t nothing those silly rabbits called the school board will be able to do about it.
Well Devil you’ve moved out the house because you were told by Slutty Banks that your head was on the
chopping block if you show up to Banks hearing. What is funny you knew of those things and were a
part of the scheme to steal 100’s and thousands of dollars but once the board caught on to it you threw
them under the board. Dr. Devil allowed Turner to leave after stealing items that were bought with
GRANTS because he was her BEDROOM GODSON. DDD (Dr. Devil Dace) took advantage of the
Cannon because you knew it was wrong and thought she could get away with the stuff from Sunflower
County. School Board please stop the foolishness that is going on in the district. Devil Dace stopped
driving the district car so question is are you all still paying for her gas or is she cashing in and putting the
money in her pocket. Merritt is going around telling staff and people the board doesn’t tell her what to do
this is her school…why does Wanda not WONDER why she is banned from working for her own home
town school district for 10 years because of serious ethics violation, and MDE violations in which she is
doing the same thing here……the woman is evil. Watch all those teachers she is switching classes around
because a lot of them are not even certified in those classes they are teaching. Board I know you don’t
want to hear it but you really need to listen to sticky fingers MITCH he’s is sharing some important
information you all can use to put DEVIL DACE behind bars. If you all don’t do something then you all
are guilty as well of letting her steal from the children. Board I hope you all paid attention to this Dr.
Hollins that was hired as the librarian at Coleman when actually Dace and Merritt eased her in to only try
to make her the PSYCHOMETRIST who Merritt was trying to Make Dr. Monroe hire when Dace was on
suspension. Merritt has over 21 teachers on 3 years nonrenewable license because no one wants to work
there. This district is the most talked about in the state. And poor Ms. Toole she just bouncing you
around like a puppet. The community is advising the board to do a full inventory check before you all let
Devil Dace go. From what we hear Mitch, Banks, Ford, Calhoun, and Dace are storing their items at Ella
Darling and Solomon. Why you think the camera systems and alarms don’t work there. They been
buying things so they can keep up their RENTAL PROPERTIES.and do an evaluation on COLEMAN
STAFF and that areas were they teaching. The community is demanding more action. We are proud of
the board making the last move but the biggest move is when the devil is sent back to hell!!!!
From : Concerned Parents and Staff Stop the Bullying NOW YOU DEVIL!!!

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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