What is Marxism And What Role Does It Play In American Politics – Even in Small Town America?


During this now extended political season things will get nasty during the political dogfighting.

If you watch just a few minutes of any news coverage regarding the United States Presidential Election you are sure to hear terms like “socialist”, “communist”, “Nazi” or “Marxist” being thrown around in what is probably one of the most brutal of fights there is – that being American Politics – in The Washington County Auditor’s humble opinion.

What is more fact than opinion most would probably agree with is that most people who use those slurs without knowing what they mean, or their historical context.

In light of what we are witnessing unfold before our eyes on our smart devices, The Washington County Auditor has decided to share a documentary by Trevor Loudon that explores Marxism, its roots in history and American Politics along with the influences the ideology has within the United States Government as recently as one year ago.

Please click here to watch the documentary on YouTube.


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