Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Washington County News

Western Line School District’s Facebook Page Shared An Image Encouraging School Shootings.

Dr. Lawrence Hudson, Superintendent

It was recently brought to The Washington County Auditor that a couple years ago a Facebook post was made by an official who works at Western Line School seemingly encouraging school shootings.

Worse yet, when parents started to complain they were blocked from the Facebook page. Which could be illegal. (When government officials use social media for official purposes they cannot block users or delete their comments). That is what the United States Supreme Court decided in the case with President Trump and his Twitter account.

Dr. Lawrence Hudson, Superintendent, in emails with some concerned parents Mr. Hudson attempts to justify the post.

The School District was called for comment and no call back was given.

Mr. Hudson is probably hiding under a desk somewhere now.

The Washington County Auditor
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