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WATCH! – White Maryland police officers and arrest black teenager ‘for vaping on boardwalk’ [Video]

Moment five white Maryland police officers taser and arrest black teenager ‘after he ignored warning to stop vaping on boardwalk’

  • Bystanders captured the moment a black teen was surrounded by five officers, then tased while his hands were up for allegedly vaping on the boardwalk
  • Footage of Saturday’s of 19-year-old Brian Anderson, who appears to be cooperative with police but was immobilized anyway, has gone viral 
  • Anderson appears to reach for the strap of his backpack but is instantly tasered by an officer and falls to the ground clutching his stomach in pain
  • Eyewitnesses claimed he had been asked to take off his backpack  
  • Additional footage from the same day captured Khalil Warren’s arrest in front of a large crowd as three officers are on top of the teen attempting to handcuff him
  • Police said in a statement that they are aware of the various clips circulating online and defended the officers use of force
  • They added that an investigation into Sunday’s arrests has been launched  
  • Ocean City Council has banned smoking and vaping on its beaches and boardwalk, and only allows smoking on certain designated areas of its beach 

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