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Watch Video: How The New York Times Commits a “Blood Libel” Against The Tired Huddled Masses.

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Videos show pro-Trump mostly peaceful protestors pulling three officers down a set of stairs during a violent attempt to breach the building.

I was there. To cover the event for my news website and to show support for Donald Trump, whom the election was obviously stolen from.

By the time i made it to the Capitol after trump ended his speech there was no barricades or anything keeping me from walking onto the Capitol steps, in fact i assume most of is assumed that is where we were supposed to go.

Then all of a sudden I smelled a firecracker and my eyes and face felt like flames had erupted out of my face.

When catching a glimpse of sight I saw militarized riot soldiers and a man laying in a pool of blood behind them.

Then all I remember was “fight or flight”, no politics, no elections- but a man laying in a pool of blood inflicted upon him by “them” and a civil responsibility to help my fellow man.

Below is the a New York Times story from January and updated recently.

It does show the chaos.

But they are fake news, for example, I have personal video showing the Patriots at the Capitol that day making sure the officers were not injured.

I was also pinned down beside Rosanne Boyland for about 20 minutes. I slowly watched the blood flow out of her nose and mouth until she stopped moving. Then the pile of people was pulled off of us all and a guy there with her flipped her over and was yelling ” She’s Dead!”

I would love to share all the information I have with anyone who wants to hear the truth.

Please see The New York Times reporting on the story below.

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