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Washington County Board Od Supervisors Member Mala Brooks Was Arrested In 2006 On 17 Counts Of Fraud!

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The Wahington County Auditor has confirmed from 2 separate anonymous sources that in 2006, now Washington County Board Of Supervisors member Mala Brooks, was arrested on 17 counts of voter fraud.

Washington County Board Of Supervisor’s Member Mala BrookS.

According to sources the charges were turned over to then Attorney General Jim Hood.

There is some discrepancy as to whether or not the case is sealed or has been expunged.

Depending on what the truth may be on that point, if in fact the case is not sealed the information should be accessible to the public at the Circuit Clerk’s Office in The Washington County Courthouse in Greenville.

If in fact the case is sealed, we may never know the truth about what happened and if justice was served.

Or for that matter, the truth about what represents Washington County, at least in part.

Integrity Is The Only Moral Currency

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The Washington County Auditor

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