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(VIDEO) Top Chinese Virologist Proven Right After Politifact Lableled Her Work “fake news”. Virologist Dr. Yan Limengei Yang’s Work Proves That The Chinese Communist Party Virus Is A Man Made Biological Weapon.

Virus intended to attack humans and intentionally released by the Chinese Military.

Virologist Dr. Yan Limeng

Dr. Yan Limeng was the Tucker Carlson Tonight show around a year ago making the same claims and was dismissed by all the usual characters with Facebook labeling her claims as false. A label they now have been forced to remove because the Doctor was telling the truth. We are unsure if Politifact or Facebook had any scientific evidence to label her work as false.

But the evidence shows now that she was telling the truth. What is also true is some might say Facebook and Politifact could be seen as parties to being an accessory of untold millions if her work hadn’t been slandered and libeled.

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