(Video) Antifa and Feds Work Together To Break Into U S Capitol On January 6

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Tommy Tatum

After Rosanne Boyland was murdered by US Capitol Police the scene on the lower west terrace further devolved into organized chaos as Antifa Members and Federal agents worked together to break windows and cause violence at the Capitol on January 6.

In this clip you can see a woman labeled as “asian woman” that has been identified in previous videos working with a 5 man plain clothed highly trained cell of provocateurs with radio communications breaking windows at the Capitol.

There is a lady screaming “we have a right to a peaceful protest!” in an attempt to calm the crowd down.

You can also see several defendants in the video like Jake Lang who tried to save Rosanne’s life moments before this video is taken.

He did save Phillip Anderson’s life and my life, Tommy Tatum that day.

Jake has been in jail with no bail for over 18 months awaiting trial early next year.

All of the Antifa and Federal assets in this video remain free, never arrested.

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