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Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro accuses US of plotting to assassinate him!


Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro accuses US of plotting to assassinate him

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro today accused the CIA and the US military of plotting to assassinate him, wondering if his US counterpart, Joe Biden, had given his approval.

“Did Joe Biden ratify Donald Trump’s orders to lead Venezuela into a civil war and kill us?” Yes or No; “I ask,” said the Venezuelan president, commenting during a military ceremony on the visits of CIA Director William Burns and the head of Southcom, Admiral Craig Faller, to Colombia and Brazil.

“What have they done?” Our sources in Colombia assure us (…) that they have come to prepare a plan aimed at harming my life and the lives of important political ill and military leaders (…) President Joe Biden has approved a plan to assassinate me and that of important political and military leaders in Venezuela? Yes or no? ”He asked.

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