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US Embassy will be evacuated in 72 HOURS and staff are already being rushed to Kabul airport | Daily Mail Online

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McCarthy says Afghan withdrawal is an ’embarrassment’ but Biden blames Trump’s deal with the Taliban and says he ‘can’t make Kabul fight’: INCREASES troop deployment for evacuation to 5,000 

  • President Biden has defended the American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, and insisted: ‘One more year, or five more years, of US military presence would not have made a difference’
  • The withdrawal was blasted by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as an ’embarrassment to our nation’
  • Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell called for airstrikes against the Taliban on Friday 
  • US Embassy will be evacuated in 72 hours, with some staffers already at Kabul airport, according to reports 
  • News of the evacuation broke shortly after the Taliban took the northern  Afghan stronghold of Mazar-i-Sharif, and now controls the territories to the North, South and East of Kabul
  • US Embassy staff in Kabul will destroy ‘sensitive’ materials, which a Department of State spokesperson said was ‘standard operating procedure’ to avoid propaganda efforts
  • The first two waves of 5,000 Marines and Army soldiers arrived to help evacuate Kabul and the rest are expected to reach the city by Sunday evening 
  • Officials said two Marine battalions and an Army battalion were deployed to the Embassy 
  • The Taliban has moved within seven miles of Kabul and tightened their grip around the capital  
  • Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said, ‘Afghanistan is in serious danger of instability’
  • He said he’s engaging with Afghan and international leaders, and consultations are ‘urgently ongoing and the results will soon be shared’
  • President Joe Biden  was on his way to Camp David in Maryland on Friday but didn’t speak to reporters and hasn’t made any public comments Saturday

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