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Beijing and the myopia of the left in the West

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US Capitol Building A few years ago, the economist and historian Giovanni Arrighi published a curious text entitled “Adam Smith in Beijing”, which …

Beijing and the myopia of the left in the West

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  1. It is unbelievable what is happening in America. And across the world . Who knew how it was going to be with the global slave and master. We will be going back to the 14th century . With the very rich and in charge and own everything . And the very poor that own nothing .but work for the rich. For nothing save food and water . And that may get measured . It’s on its way . You think they don’t have a hand in the shortages . Now the news spoke of no toys coming this year. Way to break it in to our kids this new world.
    They will in fact limit the amount of food we eat and what we eat . It will not stop at vaccines. Wait til they decide you can’t raise your kids . And all kids go to government boarding schools at 5 years old . They do it in China and Russia. It will be no different here . One world remember .

    But we can slow it down somewhat by protesting by the millions . Other countries are doing that .better yet we can overthrow this government. But that must be done NOW as there is no other time to do it . We still have arms for now . Biden hired the UN soldiers as they know ours will not fight us .
    Biden will also sign the Small Arms Bill with China. Putting all small arms under their jurisdiction. So the second amendment will not be touched . He won’t remove them . Nope China owns them so they will .
    And yes I know that will be a blood bath . But most will be ours .
    We need to act TODAY . Friends . Australian people were told they can’t speak to each other when outside . It will come here people . They have to separate us. It is unnatural to wear a mask and stay away from on another
    UNNATURAL . Because communism wants you to only have communication with the government. It’s why they will close churches . NO TALKING TO GOD .
    Trust me I read everything and history is my favorite mostly government history . And they will have book burning parties . They did in every country that went communist . Ask anyone . Hell ask a Cuban where their history books are . .

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