Update From J6 Political Prisoner And Stage 2 Cancer Patient

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“OK here is the scoop.

I was severely ill on Friday throwing up couldn’t stand up. They took me to medical at 230 pm. From medical they stuck me in a cell for medical observation.

The light was left on all the time and I laid on a concrete slab with a very thin mattress.. NO ONE came to check on me medically for 30 hours!!!!!! I felt like I was going to die seriously. 8 o’clock Saturday night I banged on the door for 10 minutes before someone came and checked on me.

They said I needed a mental health check up. I said WHAT!!!! I never said I wanted to kill myself. So they let me talk to the doctor and they let me come back to solitary confinement still with no medical support. So in total I’ll be locked down for over 60 hours with no medical or support.

I don’t mean to complain I’m just letting you know what’s going on. I’m trying to stay strong but its taking a toll on my mind and body…
The word needs to get out ..

Thank you and take care, keep up the good work.
I don’t think we will be getting access packs in the hole….

Gods bless…Semper Fi


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