Monday, December 6, 2021
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UNC votes to grant TENURE to 1619 Project founder Racist Nikole Hannah-Jones | Daily Mail Online

UNC Chapel Hill votes to grant TENURE to 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones as ugly brawl erupts outside closed-door trustee meeting a week after she refused to teach at the school and claimed ‘powerful donor’ blocked her from lifetime role 

  • The board accepted the application with a vote of 9-4 at a three-hour special meeting that included a closed-door session
  • A small group of protesters refused to leave the meeting room and police attempted to usher them out 
  • They regathered just outside the room, using a bullhorn to shout their frustrations at police who they said pushed them out of the room 
  • The board of trustees went into the closed-door session soon after the meeting began, which is a standard practice when discussing personnel matters 
  • Officials had reportedly not communicated the process with the public – which frustrated the demonstrated who were asked to leave the room 

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