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Tucker Carlson doubles down on claim January 6 insurrection was organized by undercover FBI agents | Daily Mail Online

It would not be out of character’: Tucker Carlson doubles down on claim that  undercover FBI agents were involved in Jan. 6 riot and challenges agency to PROVE otherwise

  • Tucker Carlson on Thursday said he was right to say the FBI organized January 6
  • He said the media ‘became hysterical when we mentioned it’ on Tuesday  
  • He had questioned why indictments mentioned ‘unindicted co-conspirator’
  • Carlson said that those people were FBI agents, who drove the plot to attack
  • He said it was why 10,000 hours of footage from the Capitol was not released 
  • Carlson also questioned why the officer who killed Ashli Babbitt was not named 
  • On Thursday he insisted: ‘the government is in fact hiding something’
  • Carlson also pointed out that the FBI had a history of infiltrations 

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