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Trump: If You’ve Had COVID, You Don’t Need To Take The Vaccine | Video | RealClearPolitics


Former President Donald Trump argued against vaccine mandates and said if you have had the COVID-19 virus and recovered, you don’t need to get the vaccine.

“People have to have their freedoms,” Trump said Thursday to FOX News host Sean Hannity. “We should be in great shape, between the people who get it, they should not have to. If you get COVID, whatever you want to call it, plenty of names — Wuhan virus, the China virus, we’ve got plenty of names. When you get it, you shouldn’t have to be forced — they want to force people who have had it to have the vaccine. When in actuality, when you have it, you don’t need the vaccine, you become immune. So they say. It is a natural immunity.”

“Why are they forcing people to take the vaccine?” Trump asked. “Remember this, the drug companies make a lot of money. And they like it. I don’t know who else wants it or likes it, but when you get it, you don’t have to take the vaccine.”

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