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Breaking! Trump Calls For Special Prosecutor Into Hunter Biden’s Laptop Emails

The New York Post published a story late last week about new emails found on a Florida pawnshop owner’s laptop that once belonged to Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son.

The story has now become instantly infamous as the emails show Joe Biden’s corruption as he “cashed out” near the end of his tenure as Vice President under Barack Obama’s administration, by tailoring American foreign policy to help benefit him and his family financially.

Now Trump has called for a special prosecutor to look into the scandal before the election.


To see the original reporting on the story by The New York Post, who has won 130 Pulitzer Prize since is founding as the first Newspaper founded in the country, please click the image below.


What has become another layer of the story, they has evolved into a story in itself, is that social media giants are actively censoring the news from credible sources and without a denial from the Biden Campaign

This is what has most likely prompted the president to call for a special prosecutor and for one to act soon, before the election.

However, even though the story is still being actively censored by Twitter and worse yet, other news media organizations are actively trying to discredit the reporting, the story is starting to dominate interest online with it being the number one tracked story this past week.

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