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It’s Time For Answers From Greenville Mayor Erick Simmons and Police Chief Delando Wilson About Police Brutality.

Greenville Police Officer Slamming Handcuffed Man To The Ground Before Punching Him.

Back on July second a video of a Greenville police department officer went viral on Facebook of the officer picking up a handcuffed suspect and slamming him to the ground and then punching the defenseless man.

Original report by WLBT


After 24 hours of speculation running throughout the community, as people wondered about what happened to the officer and the suspect / victim.

In response, Greenville Mayor Erick Simmons and Greenville Police Chief Delando Wilson held an online press conference on Facebook to address the issue.

The Facebook live press conference can be viewed by clicking on the following:

Some of those questions were, “Was the victim taken to the hospital.? Also, was the officer charged with a crime or will he be able to work at another police department anywhere close to the Greenville area, or anywhere for that matter.

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During the press conference the mayor says that any questions about the incident will be answers if asked in the comments ta section of the video.

Well, til this day not one question has been answered.

Perhaps now is the time?

The Washington County Auditor
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  1. The corruption in Greenville slaps us every day. In the weekend paper the publisher make a good point for the use of the Shot Spotter system. However; do any of us think that GPD would be willing to work with it. I’m not sure they could respond in a timely fashion.

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