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Dr. Maroun Hayek Shares Life Saving @ Innovative Treatments For Covid 19 Featuring Three Different Therapeutics With Staggering Results.

Dr, Maroun Hayek

From Dr. Maroun Hayek’s Facebook Page.

“ Friends and Family,

This week, the Mississippi state health department published the death rate of admitted patients from COVID pneumonia from April 1st 2020, until March 31st 2021, broken by quarters. This rate has fluctuated between 14 and 16 %.

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Inpatient hospital mortality stood at 16% for the first quarter of 2021.

The Journal of the Mississippi state association has, after peer review, published our own experience from April 1st 2020, until April 17th, 2021.

Our latest regimen initiated on November 16th 2020 presently has an inpatient mortality (as of June 30th 2021) of 8.4%. That is half of the state mortality. Keep in mind that hospitals our size (as noted by the state health department) had a higher than average mortality in the state, a phenomenon well documented in the COVID literature.

Our results, in my opinion, stem from three different therapeutics (in addition to Remdesivir and occasionally other drugs), systemically administered to every patient upon admission:

  1. Tofacitinib with dexamethasone. We were first to publish the significant superiority of the combination. Our findings were duplicated in a randomized trial published in the NEJM, the most prestigious US medical journal.
  2. Full dose anticoagulation. Again, the vast survival superiority of this approach (Instituted as Tofacitinib from day 1 of the pandemic) has recently been published in the NEJM.
  3. Lastly the addition of Convalescent Covid plasma, a therapeutic modality, first described and published in very large numbers by the Mayo clinic.

As a reminder, we have experienced since December 2020, a large and significant drop of our admissions as our county medical community uniformly refers at-risk COVID patients for early intervention to our outpatient COVID clinic, managed by Dr Corkern with an ongoing immense success. We have no death and no ICU admissions in patients treated in this clinic (now in excess of 1400 at risk patients that have received the regimen).

These sobering state numbers remain a vivid reminder that vaccination remains our best protection. For those who get infected, early therapy in expert hands remains essential for optimal outcome.

Best regards to all,”

Maroun Hayek, MD
Greenville 9-18-2021

The Washington County Auditor
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