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The Washington County Auditor Launches Fund Raiser To Retain Legal Representation Against Washington County And The City Of Greenville.


As Well As Funding For An M.R.I., As A Result Of Being Hospitalized After Being Attacked By Greenville Poll Worker.

Click to donate.

Fundraiser message.

The Washington County Auditor was created originally to be a local online news organization that would livestream city council meetings and city council meetings, etc….

As a result The Washington County Auditor has naively stumbled into a den of corruption and malfeasance in Washington County, Mississippi that has left his life in danger, physically assaulted by law enforcement, attacked by an election poll worker that left Tommy Tatum, The Washington County Auditor’s Investigative Journalist, hospitalized and in need of an M.R.I.

Please visit the sites below to see what The Washington County Auditor is facing.

This fund will be used to retain legal services to represent The Washington County Auditor moving forward.

Also, perhaps a M. R.I. for Mr. Tatum’s knee as The Washington County Auditor is almost exclusively self funded with no advertising dollars from local businesses whom we believe fear losing business or retribution as a result.

We will provide receipts for all money used.

Thank you so much for reading this and if you are unable to help financially, we understand.

If that is the case, please share wherever you think might be helpful on social media as much as possible.

This is a very humbling experience, to ask for money publicly, I know the accusations that will be made. But after speaking with several civil rights litigators and researchers, this is the next step to take.

Thanks again.

Thomas Tatum
The Washington County Auditor

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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