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The Truth About Police Killings Of Unarmed Black Men Is Revealing!

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If the traditional, legacy and corporatized news media is to be trusted it would be easy for one to come to the conclusion that an “epidemic” of police officers killing black men with impunity at hand.

It would be hard to blame anyone that might arrive at that conclusion, in fact it has been outrightly stated by more than one elected official in the United States and the news media.

The truth is that it is extremely rate for a police officer to kill an unarmed black man.

In fact police kill more white people than black men by far even though black Americans commit more crime per capital than white.

Please click on the link below to read more about these specific crime statistics without the baited breath of a corporate millionaire reporting to you what their billionaire bosses want you to believe in order to keep Americans at each other’s throats while they commit the greatest grift in world history.


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