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The Saga Of The Greenville Public School District And Greenville City Council’s Corruption Continues.

Another anonymous source has sent The Washington County Auditor a letter detailing a list of complaints including nepotism and other underhanded practices that seem to run wild throughout the entire school district and the corrupt Greenville City Council.

Read below for the statement.

“With so much going on in the Greenville Public School District, with the mudslinging, personal
vendettas’, lack of students being a priority, dirty politics, selfish and ignorant City Council Members
and Greenville Public School Board members, scandalous and defamation of character anonymous
letters…let me add to the soap opera:
The City Council appoints who is their friend, or who they owe favors to, as members of the Greenville
Public School District Board. It has nothing to do with who is best for the appointment, to make the best
decisions for the students, employees, and their community. If you aren’t kissing them to stay valid to
them, you’re on the “hit list”. They allow gossip and innuendos to fuel them. The school district had a
better chance of succeeding with putting wild monkeys on the school board. Just give them all a bunch
of bananas.
Then you allow these “letters” to float about maliciously with no regard for your district or the names
who are mentioned. You can tell the letters have more than one type of author, because some can’t
seem to make a subject and verb agree. Hell, some just can’t spell at all.
If you don’t know where they are coming from, let me give you some leads. Pretend this is Crime
Stoppers, and you need some tips. Try Pam Dillard. Try Everett Chinn. Try Cynthia Cannon. Try Lashonda
McKnight. Try Barbara Ann Williams. Try Tamara Jenkins. Let’s see how this goes.”

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