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The FBI Doesn’t Want The Truth To Be Heard About January 6th At The Capitol.


I was at the Capitol on January 6th covering the Trump speech. At the end of his speech he told us all to march “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol.

Point being It took me a long time to get there. It felt like an hour walk and I had to stop a couple times because of the pain.

I wasn’t really expecting to go to the Capitol that day and it took me a while to get there do to nerve damage in my feet due to an election bailiff assaulting me during a special election in Greenville, MS.

Below is a piece of footage I shot from outside the Capitol.

By the time I got there all the staged photo shots had been taken and Ashli Babbit had already been murdered by the Capitol police.

Long story short, I have written about what happened to me that day and you can find it by searching for “The Day My Government Tried To Kill Me”.

It is 2:20 am on Monday morning as I write this. I just called the FBI twice and offered gigabytes of video footage to the FBI. I was hung up on twice.

I was told that if anyone needed any information they would reach back to me.

They seemed to not want to investigate what the Capitol police did that day, they only want scalps of Trump supporters.

I even told them I have footage of an antifa member breaking the glass at the Capitol, a crime they have pinned on some woman and she is facing 55 years in prison for.

When I offered this information to the FBI that is when both phone calls turned sour and ended up with both FBI agents hanging up on me.

What is a man to assume, clearly the FBI doesn’t want the truth, they seem to only want information that will back up the insane rhetoric and lies that have been told about that day by Democrats and some Republicans.

They are all liars. No one should ever try to do the right thing and engage with the FBI to help solve a crime.

Ill give an example why, after I clearly stated what happened that day and how I watched Rosanne Boyland die from being crushed for 10 to 15 minutes as Capitol police relentlessly continued shooting rubber bullets, flash bangs and pepper gas into the crowd randomly. Rosanne and I were both pinned down near the top of the Capitol steps, along with a a couple dozen other people.

I watched as she was bleeding from the nose and mouth and slowly start to fade. I remember praying for her and praying that God would allow a moment of peace to come and for him to calm everyone down so we could get out of the area.

When my leg came free, as people were finally being pulled off of us, I looked back to see Rosanne and that was when her friend rolled her over on her back a d he was yelling “She’s Dead”.

I called the FBI to try to do the right thing. But they are not interested in that. After how that agency has broken laws with impunity and after the way I was just treated I feel that agency should be disbanded. Defund The FBI.

I used to be so naive and gullible about how this nation’s institutions worked. I’m starting to lose faith in it now. I truly cannot believe what has happened to our great country. Who do you turn to when you cant trust your own government?

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