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The Devil Gets Her Due? Another Whistle Blower Comes Forth


The following comes from a good samaritaan / whistle blower.

“To: All School Board Members:

The CROOK is Back!!!!! Did you all know that DEVIL Dace has falsified documentations. REMEMBER, the board suspended DEVIL Dace; but DEVIL Dace still got paid. DEVIL Dace brought in Tijuana Harris and Latoika Stevenson (her friends to handle payroll). If caught, DEVIL Dace blames Cannon.

REMEMBER! DEVIL Dace misappropriate more than $20,000 from the district. She purchased paint for her rental properties. REMEMBER! She even signed with KID First a consultant group whom she is friends with. Do you know that DEVIL Dace purchased over $70,000 in faulty portal air conditional units that are sitting in the hallways throughout the district?

DEVIL Dace created made-up job descriptions for Calhoun so that no other person in the district qualifies for the job! Where you all are aware that DEVIL Dace use the school to conduct DST business without the board approval. Did you know that the attendance is false!

False Prophet Merritt has advised US to report students present even if they do not report to class. False Prophet Merritt has talked down to US and demanded that WE do not report anything out the building or WE will be FIRED! But False Prophet Merritt did not report that WE have teachers at the school with blue and red hair.

False Prophet Merritt told US that Kendra Hall is the assistant principal and WE must report to her if we have questions or need help! False Prophet Merritt held a private meeting and informed several of US that Toole is NOT her assistant principal! And she better not do ANYTHING or she will be written up! False Prophet Merritt is not following the dress code and allows certain teachers to wear provocative attire to work each day.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOOK at everything DEVIL Dace brings to the board with a fine-tooth comb. DEVIL Dace is known for her tricky behavior! DEVIL

Dace knows that the board members have other jobs, so she TRICKS the board with FAULY paperwork! LOOK AT Brian Foster! DEVIL DACE had him to report ESSA Funds so that you all won’t expect the job is for Kendra Hall and False Prophet Merritt’s husband. REMEMBER! Brian Foster did DEVIL Dace a favor by getting Pamela Hicks hired in Cleveland. So, now, he is trying to get the ESSA money for made- up jobs for DEVIL DACE.

Why does the district need a technology specialist when it has a technology department that reports and assist teachers with technology in the schools? Besides, everyone knows that the district offers PDS for the teachers throughout the district. Did you all get the invoices from Lowe’s or Greenville Paint and Glass, No! Because there are not any receipts! DEVIL Dace stole the MONEY to help her daughter!!!!

Why would he come to Greenville Public School? Because he is making over $100,00 in the district?
Now.. Look at the other people in Dace corner Here”

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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  1. She also sells real estate. I wouldn’t trust her to handle a transaction with her thieving reputation !!

  2. Still more corruption in the city and GPS. Still the citizens don’t really care. The city doesn’t care so they don’t prosecute her. Seems they can’t hire an honest superintendent.
    Remember these civic “leaders “ at election time.
    Appears there are not a HONORABLE people left in Greenville!!

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