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Criminals In Badges In Washington County, Mississippi


Ask anyone who has ever spent longer than a weekend in Greenville their honest opinion of the area and they are likely to tell you, that they didn’t know people still lived like this in The United States.

True, being from the poorest state in the country and number one in all the problems a state doesn’t want to be champion in like teen pregnancy and so on doesn’t help the situation in Greenville, MS.

But how are other neighboring cities like Cleveland and Greenwood seemingly advancing while Greenville seems to have taken a running jump backwards this past few years.

Driving down number one highway in Greenville you can count no less than 15 closed store fronts. Many of them recently put out of business by left wing political mandates from those who see them selves social justice warriors along with being elected employees of the City and County. The latter half seems to be where the cities even further spiral downward began.

This is where lies the problem. Greenville doesn’t have stupid government. Those in power know exactly what they are doing.

The entire community of Greenville lives in fear of its government if lucky, and if not they live in fear of of their government and in extreme poverty in The Washington County Auditor’s humble opinion.

What is not opinion is the fact that the constituents of Washington County are fed up with the criminals that wear badges in their communities, the same criminals that couldn’t repeat the Bill Of Rights on the spot if their lives depended on it.

Not all of our officers. But enough. It’s embarrassing.

But yet we as a society make a pact with our oath keeping law enforcement agents, because we realize the stress and dangers of their thankless and pitifully paying jobs. Good cops deserve better from all of us

That being said, we are now going to watch a video of tyrants who broke their oaths and deserve none of our respect but our scorn for violating an oath they took to us and God

The Washington County Auditor is swamped with tips and videos from people of all walks of life about the predatory nature of those who hold power in Washington County including Greenville most specifically.

Below is a video The Washington County Auditor made while trying to report an online death threat made against him.

Per Facebook’s rules a journalist must report the crime to 9/11. Which is what happened. The problem being is surely Facebook isn’t requiring me to report my tormentors to criminals in badges.

The Washington County Auditor

Watch and listen to the video below to hear The Washington County Auditor get told to call the Sherriff’s department number. Also listen when The Washington County Auditor specifically tells the deputies to not come to his house out of fear that their is a conspiracy to kill him after being specifically told so by a well respected citizen and after reporting about Washington County, Mississippi Sheriff Milton Gaston’s drug trafficking and ordering of an execution against a potential witness against the Sherriff.

The charges reported by The Washington County Auditor was about the sheriff being involved in 25 year old murder case that The Washington County Auditor had recently unearthed new information of.

What is yet to be revealed is another source has came forward to tell what they saw that same fateful night around 25 years ago.

The Washington County Auditor is afraid to report this aspect of the story at this time out of being unable to secure Whistleblower protection for my source, after exhausting every option that can be thought of.

Every government agency we called call starts off with “if this is an emergency call 911”, so you understand my conundrum.

I am afraid that if I report what my source knows it will identify him and he will be murdered. Plain as that.

Sadly enough, this sentiment doesn’t come from the lone paranoia of a “loose cannon” named The Washington County Auditor, it also comes from several other members of the community held in high regard.

Having said all that for this.

After 3 weeks of being ignored by the Sheriff’s Department about several other death threats the Washington County Auditor reported a death threat to 9/11, he is then told to call the sheriff’s department, he he explicitly tells them to not come to his property for reasons you will hear in the video.

After this video ends The Washington County Auditor started receiving repeated phone calls from an unknown cell phone that went unanswered.

Shortly after that two masked men trespassed on my property wearing badges and refused to leave after being told to 15 times and then escalated the issue by putting their hands on their guns in response to a free American man running criminal trespassers off his property.

The Washington County Auditor’s health has been greatly affected by the actions of criminals that wear badges in Washington County.

This is a ongoing series in which terabytes of video and audio will be published by The Washington County Auditor demonstrating how absolutely corrupt the county is at worst and incredibly incompetent at best.

If you are able to read between the lines you know exactly what they were trying to do.

The Washington County will be releasing a video a day along the nature as this one in an attempt to alert other constituents of Washington County how truly corrupt and dangerous it is in the city. Tomorrow’s video will be exactly what happened after this video and the narration of this story.

If you happen to not be a local and need gas, keep driving to Cleveland or Greenwood. Your life may depend on it.

The Washington County Auditor
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