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Texas officials using ‘steel barrier’ of vehicles at the border to keep out 8,600 Haitian migrants


‘Steel barrier’ of HUNDREDS of state trooper SUVs line the border in ‘unprecedented’ move to stem the tide of Haitian migrants after Biden made mockery of pledge to send them home by RELEASING thousands into America

  • Texas Gov. Abbott praised officials for creating a ‘steel barrier’ of state-owned vehicles that stretch along the border to deter Haitian migrants from crossing 
  • The ‘steel barrier’ is the latest method border officials are utilizing to deal with the surge of thousands of Haitian migrants crossing into the United States
  • The vehicles are lined up outside Del Rio in Texas, which has seen an influx of 14,600 migrants who crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico into the US 
  • An estimated 8,600 remained and about 1,000 have been deported back to Mexico  
  • Thousands of Haitian migrants have already been freed into the US on a ‘very, very large scale’ rather than being flown out on deportation flights as the Biden administration promised 
  • They are handed notices to appear at immigration office in 60 days, source said 
  • Abbott took shots at Biden for not doing enough to secure the border and said the state of Texas would add $2 billion toward border security funding 

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