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During the Presidential Debate tonight, Donald Trump said to either Joe Biden or those viewing, “Take a look at the the laptop from hell”.

What the President is referring to is widely spread rumors that are starting to look to be true, per reports of the F.B.I., having the laptop in question. Those reports being, but not verified as of yet, that Hunter Biden had child pornography of some form on his laptop that the F.B.I. has had in its possession for the past eight months.

“Take a look at the laptop from hell”

The laptop in question is also the same laptop that The New York Post obtained emails from and reported a criminal conspiracy by Joe Biden to use the influence of his office as Vice President Of The United States to enrich himself and his family personally.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the reports claim that Joe Biden used his own son in a drug cartel like scheme in exposing his drug addicted son to some of the most dangerous human beings in the world to tailor American foreign policy to fit the desires of The United States biggest threats, like Communist China.

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