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BOS votes 3-2 to require county employees to be vaccinated or tested bi-weekly | Delta Democrat-Times

All county employees will soon be required to take the COVID-19 vaccination if they don’t want to undergo bi-weekly testing. During this morning’s regular Washington County Board of Supervisors meeting, District 4 Supervisor Mala Brooks made a motion to require all county employees to be vaccinated, or, agree to bi-weekly COVID-19 testing at their own expense. After the motion was made by Brooks, it was seconded by District 5 Supervisor Jerry Redmond with District 2 Supervisor Tommy Benson voting in favor of the motion.

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Anatomy of the Woke Madness.

Wokeism has become our most popular secular religion—at least for a moment dethroning climate change. It reduces all of the past and present into puerile binaries between “whites” and “non-whites.” Its aim is for the present generation to rewrite our history—whether by The 1619 Project and cancel culture or iconoclastic statue-toppling and Trotskyization of names and places. Wokeism becomes a child’s morality tale of noble non-white victims versus villainous white victimizers. Erasing the past and its language supposedly fuels a recalibration of the future, all in the here and now, a holy Year Zero

Washington County News

Reader Shares Experience About Washington County Law Enforcement Handcuffing Him And Beating Him When He Was 17 Years Old.

They took me in and you could just hear them saying a lot of uncalled for stuff. “They’re gunna have fun with him”. “He won’t last a week.” So it kind of upset me and I spoke out and said y’all have a badge on and y’all feel like y’all can just talk and act however y’all want to anyone and that’s not cool.

Washington County News

SHOCKING VIDEO! Sherrif Milton Gaston, Washington County Attorney Willie Griffen, Judge Cedric Bush All Accused Of Selling Or Facilitating The Selling Of Drugs With Impunity In Washington County.

On a Facebook page titled Gentlemen’s Paradise a very well respected Greenville, Mississippi resident ​makes accusations of Washington County Sherriff Milton Gaston, Judge Cedric Bush and Washington County Attorney Willie Griffen.....

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