Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Washington County News

Reader Shares Experience About Washington County Law Enforcement Handcuffing Him And Beating Him When He Was 17 Years Old.

They took me in and you could just hear them saying a lot of uncalled for stuff. “They’re gunna have fun with him”. “He won’t last a week.” So it kind of upset me and I spoke out and said y’all have a badge on and y’all feel like y’all can just talk and act however y’all want to anyone and that’s not cool.

Washington County News

SHOCKING VIDEO! Sherrif Milton Gaston, Washington County Attorney Willie Griffen, Judge Cedric Bush All Accused Of Selling Or Facilitating The Selling Of Drugs With Impunity In Washington County.

On a Facebook page titled Gentlemen’s Paradise a very well respected Greenville, Mississippi resident ​makes accusations of Washington County Sherriff Milton Gaston, Judge Cedric Bush and Washington County Attorney Willie Griffen.....

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