Sunday, January 23, 2022

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National News

E. E. Bass Picture Removed From “White House” Wall And Denegrated By Superintendent Dr. Dace With A Racist Slur. GPSD School-Board And Staff Are Furious!

It’s noted she says these whites are to privileged around here this belongs to us colored folks!!! Why is she still here the EE BASS COMMITTEE NEEDS TO STEP UP AND TALK THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ABOUT THESE ALLEGATIOns!! This devil is an embarrassment!! Wonder how much money she won this week in her casino trip!!!

National News

Two White, Leftist Males and Anonymous Person Threaten Black GOP Candidate For MI Secretary of State After CNN Writes Hit Piece On Her: “Trump’s new n***a”…”I hope they f***ing hang you!”

100 Percent Fed Up Exclusive – For three years, Michigan has suffered under the leadership of the most dishonest, partisan Secretary of State to ever occupy the office. MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who was found guilty by a judge of telling elected clerks across the state to ignore signature verification laws, was elected in 2018 when the legalization of marijuana was placed on the ballot. George Soros, who helped Benson with her first unsuccessful run for SOS in Michigan, openly expressed the importance of putting marijuana on state ballots as a way to draw younger, left-leaning voters to the polls.

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