Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Silicon Valley Is Building A Social Credit System For The West.

As this article from Fast Company below mentions, we are heading for a world where governments don’t dictate what freedoms we have, but rather the corporate overlords in Silicon Valley do. In many ways we are already there and things are getting worse. Thankfully, Gab is building to ensure this dystopian future doesn’t accelerate into chaos. We need more people and businesses building to defend freedom and promote liberation from the chains of Silicon Valley. Beijing maintains two nationwide lists, called the blacklist and the red list—the former consisting of people who have transgressed, and the latter people who have stayed out of trouble (a “red list” is the Communist version of a white list.) These lists are publicly searchable on a government website called China Credit. The Chinese government also shares lists with technology platforms. So, for example, if someone criticizes the government on Weibo, their kids might be ineligible for acceptance to an elite school.