Tuesday, December 7, 2021


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HORRIFIC VIDEO: Puerto Rican Couple Yanked From Their Car and Shot By Mob of Black Men in Chicago

A man was killed, and a woman was critically injured in a shooting Saturday night in Humboldt Park.
There has been crickets in the media about this possible hate crime. The shooting took place as people were leaving Chicago’s 43rd Annual Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade, which people from all over the country and Puerto Rico travel to the city to attend.
The victims had a large Puerto Rican flag waving from their car when they were approached by a mob of black men and pulled from the vehicle and shot.

National NewsWashington County News

HORRIFIC VIDEO: Woman Savagely Attacked at Little Caesars in Georgia, Attacker’s Own Six-Year-Old Daughter Tried to Stop It

Police are now searching for 25-year-old Brittany Kennedy after she brutally attacked a white woman in a Little Caesars restaurant in Augusta, Georgia on Monday. As the woman savagely attacked her victim, 22-year-old Emily Broadwater, Kennedy’s six-year-old daughter attempted to pull her off. The horrific scene was captured on video. WARNING: It is graphic.