Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Commie Pope Francis Invokes God to Urge Tech Giants to Crack Down on “Conspiracy Theories” and “Fake News” on their Platforms

Red Francis invoked God to urge the tech giants to crack down on speech he deems “fake news” and “conspiracy theories.” Francis, a devout socialist, wants free speech to be relegated to the trash heap of history. He encouraged the elites to control the narrative and tell the masses what is absolute truth even, as with the case of Dr. Fauci, the truth changes from week to week on a whim.

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Watch the Fake News Ignore This: Joe Biden Gives a Shout-out to KKK Kleagle During CNN Town Hall (VIDEO)

Joe Biden gave a special shoutout to his KKK buddy and Kleagle Robert Byrd during his CNN town hall last night.
Senator Robert Byrd was a top Democrat in the US Senate for decades. Joe Biden just tried to pawn this guy off on the GOP. When he does have a few moments of lucidity he’s pushing Democrat KKK members on the GOP. Via The Storm Has Arrived:

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