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Russian & Chinese Armies Pledge Deepened Military Cooperation As Afghanistan Unravels | ZeroHedge

On the heels of the latest joint Russian-Chinese strategic drills, dubbed 'Sibu/Interaction 2021' and held in northwest China's Ningxia region this week, China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghe announced Friday that the Chinese and Russian armies have agreed to boost military cooperation in order to ensure "stability" and "protect peace" globally. Crucially this comes at a moment the security situation is unraveling amid lightning fast Taliban advances in Afghanistan as US troops exit. "The world has been swept by a large-scale pandemic and is witnessing a lot of changes. In these conditions, the armies of China and the Russian Federation will strengthen strategic interaction and comprehensive pragmatic cooperation," Fenghe was quoted as saying by China's foreign ministry.

National NewsWashington County News

Chinese Raise a Red Banner and Flags as Indians Celebrate Dalai Lama’s Birthday on Border

NEW DELHI—Chinese civilians put up a red banner and five-starred red flags in view of Indian villagers who were celebrating the birthday week of Dalai Lama on the other side of the Indus River in a village called Koyul in the Nyoma sector of Ladakh on the de facto border between China and India on July 6. Urgain Tsewang, the village head (nambardar) of Koyul told The Epoch Times over the phone that the Chinese putting up red banners, shouting at the Indian villagers, and intimidating them has also happened on other occasions recently. “Last year we couldn’t celebrate due to COVID restrictions. This year we got permission for a gathering of only 30 people. With the presence of Indian army personnel and tourists and so on, we had a total of 50 people,” said Tsewang. The gathering happened from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. IST, and the Chinese army personnel and civilians came in five vehicles and put up banners and raised flags at around 11 a.m. about 200 meters from a community center where the celebration was happening.

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