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Co-founder of the New York-based nonprofit, Stop Abuse Campaign, Murdered In Greenville.

The following is a story from The Clarion Ledger about a Mississippi Naive man who sought to end sex abuse of children

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the shooting death of the co-founder of the New York-based nonprofit Stop Abuse Campaign that seeks to help prevent child sexual abuse and neglect.

Kenneth Mason, 52, a Mississippi native who moved home after the coronavirus pandemic began; was found shot to death Wednesday north of Greenville. 

Washington County Chief Deputy Bill Barber said Monday authorities received a call at 12:06 p.m. Wednesday of a man lying unresponsive on the side of Blaylock Road, a rural stretch of roadway.

Barber said Mason was pronounced dead at the scene. He had been shot twice.

Late Monday, the maroon Chevy Trailblazer Mason had been driving was found during a traffic stop in Greenville. The three males in the SUV were taken into custody by the Washington County Sheriff’s Department and are being questioned as suspects in the case, Barber said.

“The investigation is continuing,” Barber said.

Barber said some of Mason’s personal items had been missing, including the family member’s vehicle Mason had been driving the day he was killed.

Kenneth Mason

The organization website says it has more than 300,000 supporters. It says some of the adverse childhood experiences it seeks to protect children from include emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and neglect. Mason was listed as director since 2009.

“The Stop Abuse Campaign mourns the deplorable loss of a founder, our most generous supporter, and our dearest friend,” founder Andrew Willis said in a statement Monday to the Clarion Ledger.  

“This senseless act of violence has created a great void for Kenny’s family, his thousands of friends in New York, and across the globe… . Empathy drove Kenny. I’ve just been looking through thousands of photos of him. I feel so lost one moment and so determined to drive forward the next.”

Anyone with information about the case should contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Department at 662-334-4523.

Below is a list of of complaints from local citizens and civil rights violations being committed by the Greenville Police Department.

Things have to change in Grenville

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Living In Fear For My Life

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Breaking News!

Greenville Police Department And The Washington County Sheriff’s Department Shut Down The Delta Car Wash’s “Haunted House” In Greenville.

Posts on Facebook from angry Greenville residents and from those who drove from other cities around the Delta started popping up around 8:30 about the abrupt closing of The Delta Car Wash’s socially distanced “Haunted House”

The event was originally scheduled to run from 7 til 10 pm tonight.

One of the posts on Facebook stated…

… guess they haven’t worked in so long they didn’t want to work tonight either.

Kim Sims

Another post stated…

I am sad the kids were all excited about getting to do something for Halloween

This is a developing story and more information will be reported as The Washington County Auditor receives it.

To share information you may have about the closing please email us at the address below.

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Washington County Sheriff, Milton Gaston, Implicated In A Drug Smuggling Scandal That Ended With The Execution Of Would Be Witness

Years ago, south of Greenville at what used to be “Cummings Trailer Park, two men were killed and the murders have gone unsolved for years.

Now the Washington County Auditor has received information from someone who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear for their life.

The source told The Washington County Auditor that years ago, a now deceased Greenville man, Brandon Yeager, had confided in him two weeks before the two murders at Cummings Trailer Park, to stay away from the trailer park because one of the people living there was going to get killed.

The Washington County Auditor does have the name of the man allegedly ordered executed by Washington County Sheriff Milton Gaston.

The way Mr Yeager knew these things is because he was a customer of the sheriff after being shocked after seeing the sheriff in a drug house while drugs were being sold by Mr. Gaston’s family members, the first time.

This must be how he came to know of the execution ordered against the Sheriff’s drug mule turned “snitch” which is why he was allegedly murdered.

The story my source was told by Mr. Yeager was that the drug mule was a former drug dealer that was arrested by local authorities. Then he was threatened into running drugs for Milton Gaston and his nephews. He was told he could do what he was told or he could be killed.

So, the drug mule reluctantly became a part of the Sheriff’s drug smuggling ring.

But eventually he decided to alert other legal authorities outside the county to testify against Sheriff Gaston for his drug smuggling and other crimes.

However the sheriff leaned of his drug mule turning on him the order to have him executed was given.

So on that fateful evening, as the story was told, a sheriff’s car pulled up close to where the victim and Jerry Cummings were standing close by. Whoever was in the car motioned to the victim to come talk to him.

When the victim put his head in the car to speak to the person that is when he was shot in the head. Then Mr Cummings was shot in the neck, leaving him unable to speak until he eventually died from the attack, simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Washington County Auditor does have the name of the victim referenced throughout this story. But is withholding it at this time.

Sheriff Milton Gaston was called and made aware of the allegations by The Washington County Auditor, after leaving a text asking for answers. A voice mail was also left on his phone. At the point this story is being written the Sheriff still has not denied these allegations.

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Charges Filed Against Two Washington County Employees. One Charge Of Assault And Another For Making False Accusations Against Journalist.

This story was originally posted on Facebook on September 7th. Since then The Washington County Auditor’s Tommy Tatum has not received one phone call from anyone informing him about anything going on about the case.

Please click on the link below to watch the video to see how things unfolded.

“Going on nearly two weeks after an investigative reporter for The Washington County Auditor was assaulted at the Washington County Courthouse by an Washington County employee inside the Chancery Clerk’s office, nothing seems to have been done.

Mr. Tatum points out that at the end of the video you can hear Chancery Clerk, Marilyn Hansell make a false accusation against him to a deputy sheriff and he feels that is what led to the officer’s reaction.

What can’t be explained is why its been nearly two weeks and nothing has happened.

Mr Tatum states that he has so much as received a phone call about this incident since the day it happened.

Perhaps, however, there is a reason nothing has been done.

Later that evening The Washington County Auditor’s same reporter was illegally detained and assaulted by a member of The Greenville Police Department at a public election for Greenville City Council Ward 3.

Mayor Errick Simmons is yet to respond to a series of emails involving this issue as long as others from The Washington County Auditor.

The Washington County Auditor feels as if maybe these physical attacks and violations of constitutional rights is a result of comments made by Mala Brooks and Willie Griffin in the last Washington County board meeting.

Mr. Tatum said, “I think Mr Griffin should rescind himself from the current situation because I feel there is a conflict of interest and perhaps some bad blood between the county’s attorney and myself over a legal issue in the past, even though it just now dawned on me recently that perhaps that is the case”.

The Washington County Auditor can confirm that Mr. Tatum was the General Manager Of Delta Radio Network when Delta Radio threatened legal action against a non profit organization Mr. Griffin represented at the time. That situation, “…went on for nearly a year…,” Tatum said aging, “it got nasty at points”, “…but ended with the issue being settled out of court to the satisfaction of Delta Radio Network.”

Mr. Tatum will be addressing the board in an attempt to reach an amicable resolution tomorrow at 10:30 am tomorrow, September 8th at The Washington County Board Of Supervisors Meeting.

Video was not uploaded over night but will be uploaded as soon as the board meeting is over today.”

Today is Tuesday October the 6th and The Washington County Auditor’s Tommy Tatum is yet to have received a phone call about the incident after filing charges against the two individuals county employees.