Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Afghanistan evacuation: Chaos continues at Kabul airport | Daily Mail Online

Westerners and Afghan visa holders are facing fresh hell at Kabul airport today as they try to flee Afghanistan Ex-pats say they cannot reach checkpoints to get into the airfield because 'terrified locals' are blocking them Britons, Norwegians, Australians, and Canadians all said their way out of the country was blocked by crowds of Afghan refugees and Taliban guards who dished out beatings and whippings seemingly at random Paul Farthing, a British ex-Marine, said getting a flight is a 'lottery' and rubbished claims that the Taliban are letting people through checkpoints - saying he cannot even get to the checkpoint Flights are leaving the airport today, UK and US officials insisted, with more than 2,000 people due to fly out

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Virginia Library Invites Preschoolers, Babies and Toddlers to Drag Queen Story Hour to Celebrate Pride Month

Dolley Madison Library in Fairfax, Virginia has invited preschoolers, babies and toddlers to attend ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ to celebrate ‘Pride Month.’
“Celebrate Pride Month by attending Drag StoryBook Hour cosponsored by Fairfax County Public Library and The McLean Community Center. Registration required. All Ages.”