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Superintendent Dr. Dace Of Greenville Public Schools Suspended For Only One Week For Misappropriation Of $22,000? Where Did The Money Go?


The following is a letter sent to The Washington County Auditor from a concerned citizen, apparently silently representing many teachers and other employees and parents at GPSD.

“Dr. Dace along with Chief Academic Administrator Ms. Latanya Calhoun lied in an open meeting to the Greenville Public School District School Board about a program Superintendent Dr. Dace and Ms. Calhoun wanted to implement that would cost the taxpayers $22,000.

The GPSD voted against the program but Dr. Dace and Ms. Calhoun decided to still implement the program using District Federal funds to pay for the program in question.

Apparently the GPSD recently voted to only suspend Dr. Dace for one week for misappropriation of the $22,000 and she was back in her office this past Monday, according to reporting by The Delta Democrat Times.

This is some of the same things Dr. Dace did during her tenure as Superintendent in Sunflower County where they allowed her to resign instead of being fired…she is now using the same criminal behavior in GREENVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT!

We the community should not deal with people like this…she needs to be fired!

The Greenville Public School District hurt our children by only suspending her she should be fired and walked out in handcuffs!


The Washington County Auditor Will Keep Updating This Story As It Unfolds.

For now our suspicion is what was the name of the program in question and why were both Dace and Calhoun so desperate to have it implemented? Desperate enough to risk careers over? And possible jail time? It seems like there may be more to the story.

If anyone would like to leave an anonymous tip about this or any other story you may do so by emailing The Washington County Auditor at mississippilivestreams@gmail.com.

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  1. Dr. Dace should face the Justice system. I also don’t agree School’s should teach to hate each other because of skin color

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