The science agrees: Those who recommend against transgender body changes have the compassionate case. Let’s not lose it in the delivery.

At the center of the transgenderism fight is the debate about how best to help those who suffer from gender dysphoria or guide those merely caught up in the craze, especially children. The loudest narrative from the left says acceptance equals kindness, but new research on so-called “detransition” reveals that the conservative stance against social playacting and medical intervention is actually the compassionate one.

In debates about trans treatment, the left invariably plays the “suicide” and “discrimination” cards. When pushing for surgical and chemical castration (commonly called “gender transition” or “gender-reassignment surgery”) or capitulation to false pronouns, leftists typically claim that if doctors, parents, teachers, and strangers don’t let Nick change to Nicole, he will kill himself. On the other hand, if Nicole “detransitions” back to Nick, they explain it away by claiming the causes are transphobia and discrimination.

— Read more below on thefederalist.com/2021/10/22/science-says-whats-really-compassionate-is-encouraging-people-with-gender-dysphoria-to-love-their-real-bodies/

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