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Rosanne Boyland’s Life Matters, She Was Murdered By Capitol Police.

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I was in Washington D.C. on January 6 to cover President Trump’s rally about how the election was stolen.

As the speech ended and Trump asked us to walk to the Capitol to peacefully protest we started the walk. It took me about 45 minutes due to an injury I suffered In Greenville, Mississippi by an election worker last year.

We eventually made our way to the Capitol, and as we walked up we were attacked by Capitol police with being pepper sprayed but I could see someone beating someone to death, it seemed, in the distance. That is when the following video was taken.

I never knew Rosanne in person. She was a complete stranger to me until January 6. But I spent her last moments of life with her.

After a huge pile of protestors were pushed backwards and upside down at least 20 people deep my foot was trapped under a person and the metal railing at the top. I grabbed ahold of the top rail with my hands so i wouldn’t be pushed backwards and upside down as well.

That is when i noticed Rosanne, she was less than a foot away from me, bleeding from the nose and mouth and didn’t seem conscious. She had a look of pain on her face though.

All the chaos was still going on around us and it seemed like it lasted an eternity and the only thing I knew to do was pray.

I prayed for her and all the other faces in the pileup that looked like they were fading out of consciousness too.

I prayed for God to allow a moment of peace to come over the crowd and let people get up and out of the way to safety.

Eventually the crowd started getting pulled up and people were able to get up on their feet.

That is when her friend rolled her over on her back and started yelling “She is dead!“.

I was in shock I think and i turned around to where the tunnel was and all I could see was about 40 riot cops standing there. So I just ran down the steps to safety.

Everyone is learning of Ashli Babbit and her murder. But Rosanne Boyland mattered too. She was murdered too. But no one says her name.

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