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Retired Law Enforcement Officer Called “Punk A*S N****A,” by Greenville Police Department Officer


After watching one the videos The Washington County Auditor released on Facebook a couple weeks ago a former police officer, who has been certified in the State Of Mississippi since 2012, has come forward with an anonymous tip about what he witnessed and how he was treated by The Greenville Police Department, as a result of his recording an incident as it unfolded early one morning in Greenville on Washington Avenue near Double Quick earlier this month.

The former law enforcement officer said that he witnessed a woman creating a disturbance and “throwing things in the street”, and then out of curiosity pulled out his phone and started recording what was happening.

He said he witnessed a male officer take the subject down and try to make an arrest, after arriving to the scene, and was unable to do so and called for backup.

He said that during the course of his recording the event “police officers start emerging out of nowhere”, and he had crossed the street and was standing in front of Unclaimed Freight still recording the event.

According to the former officer, ” That is when a female officer pulled up, plain clothes…” while the other officers were trying to get the female subject under control. That is when the female plain clothes Greenville Police Department Officer asked the man to “please step back”, and he says he did not respond.

He says she then says to the other officers on the scene , “look at him, he is over there recording… “He used to be in law enforcement with his weak a*s, he ain’t nothing but a weak a*s b***h, weak as n***a.” He says he was referred to in that manner several times.

The former officer stated to The Washington County Auditor that he did know every officer on the scene’s name as a result of his law enforcement career.

He then says that another officer approaches him and tries to calm the situation down and he tells that officer that she is the one causing the problem since no other police officers had told him not to record and he was within his rights.

According to the source, shortly after that, he stops recording and walks back across the street where he tries to make contact with people on the scene for information he was going to use to make a complaint against the female plain clothes officer.

When he made it to the Greenville Police Department, he filed a formal complaint and spoke with the female officer’s supervisor about the incident

A couple days later he got a call from Internal Affairs and went to speak with them, Officer Nettles and Officer Ozbun of the Greenville Police Department, and showed them the video and they told the former officer that they would be in touch with her supervisor and he would be hearing back from them soon.

At the time this statement was given to The Washington County Auditor the former officer says it had been two days and he hadn’t heard anything back since.

He also states that after watching The Washington County Auditor’s Facebook live video in the Double Quick parking lot, it led him to reach out to The Washington County Auditor in an attempt to have the public informed as to what is happening with their law enforcement and hopes for legal action to be taken.

Even more concerning is the gang mentality the Greenville Police Department seems to have portrayed, because Lieutenant Ross was one of the officers on scene and didn’t correct the younger officer for calling the former officer recording the incident a “weak a*s b****h and “b****h a*s n***a”. And was repeatedly asking the former law enforcement “hey man, you still in law enforcement?”, which the former officer says is a way of asking if “you are still in the gang” or in other words will you violate your oath of office to protect us?

The former officer went on to say that he still supports law enforcement and everything they stand for, but “what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong” and even though he is still a certified law enforcement agent, unaffiliated with an agency at this time, he will honor his oath til the day he dies!

The Washington County Auditor
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