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Reader Shares Experience About Washington County Law Enforcement Handcuffing Him And Beating Him When He Was 17 Years Old.

A reader of The Washington County Auditor reached out to share his experience with The Greenville Police Department and The Washington County Sherriff’s Department after reading several stories about the jaw dropping corruption including murder, sex trafficking, incompetency, and even murder being committed by Law Enforcement In Washington County going back 25 years.

Below is the statement the reader shares with us.

“I was young dumb and made some dumb decisions and I got myself in trouble. I’ve grown and changed my ways and I’ve made something of myself now.

They took me in and you could just hear them saying a lot of uncalled for stuff. “They’re gunna have fun with him”. “He won’t last a week.” So it kind of upset me and I spoke out and said y’all have a badge on and y’all feel like y’all can just talk and act however y’all want to anyone and that’s not cool.

(Again I was young) I said if you ask me, y’all all are b**** and y’all are protected by the badge.

They transferred me to the sheriffs dpt and I had been handcuffed to the chair..

Lady came in with her husband and said, “this is my husband, he the captain of the police dpt. You want to f***** tell him what you had to say?” I said, “Mam. I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not trying to listen to this s***. I just want to get this over with and get out of here.”

Before I knew it a big bald sheriff turned around and looked at me and started swinging on me and there was nothing I could even do because I was handcuffed to the chair. I couldn’t even protect myself. I was 17 years old.

This was in 2011

I’m 27 now”

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