Washington County Sheriff Milton Gaston And Greenville Police Department Chief Delando Wilson Involved In Cover Up Of Drink Driving Accident Involving Sheriff Milton Gaston

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An anonymous source has shared information with The Washington County Auditor including allegations of drunk driving by Washington County Sheriff Milton Gaston over ten years ago, leading to an vehicular accident, and a cover up of the alleged drunk driving accident by Chief Delando Wilson of The Greenville Police Department

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See one of the anonymous tipsters statement below:

“Over 10 years Gaston had gotten a brand new black muscle car for his departmental vehicle. Think it was a mustang. In the wee hours one morning when he was roaring he wrecked this new car on either Main Street or Washington ave.

A man was coming out of one of the side streets. He hit Gaston but the thing is Gaston was so drunk that the other guy knew it and could smell it on him.

As per county rules he was supposed to have gotten a deputy to drive him to the emergency room for a drug/alcohol test but he was not transported there”

This is a developing story and more details will be coming forth shortly.

Integrity Is The Only Moral Currency

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