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Please Help Support Thomas Tatum, Independent Journalist Who Was Almost Murdered By US Capitol Police On January 6.

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My name is Tommy Tatum, an independent investigative journalist from Mississippi. 

I was at the January 6 riot and was pinned down with a woman named Rosanne Boyland I watched die right beside me after being beaten to death by The US Capitol Police. 

I was pinned down and couldn’t move while we were continuously  flashbanged, hit with rubber bullets, bear mace, and encountered extreme violence from the police officers. 

I need help because the post traumatic stress disorder I suffer from now is intense. It hits me out nowhere and I cant breathe and I feel like I am going to die. 

I don’t really know if I set this campaign up corfectly because I still want to work as a journalist and help expose what happened on January 6th. I have much evidence that will help people out of jail. 

But for the moment I am in emergency need of money to be able to go to the doctor and find a place to live until I know where the lord is going to lead me. I

Thank you for your time and consideration  

I am @tommytatummnews on all social and my news site is

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