Rapper’ SUV driver, 39, was out on bail for RUNNING OVER mother of his child when he plowed through Waukesha Christmas parade ‘killing five and injuring 40’: Rap sheet dates back to 1999

  • Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, is the driver of the red Ford SUV that plowed through crowds on Sunday at the parade
  • Brooks was bailed out of jail on November 19 after posting a $1,000 cash bond on charges of battery, disorderly conduct, bail jumping and resisting an officer  
  • The charges relate to an incident on November 2 involving the mother of one of his children in Milwaukee 
  • Brooks is said to have hunted her down in a hotel then followed her in the street in his car, demanding that she get in, before ‘punching her with a closed fist’ and then ‘running her over’  
  • Court records show he was charged on November 5, paid cash bond on the 11th but the records weren’t updated until the 19th  
  • On Sunday, he is believed to have plowed through crowds at 4.39pm in his red Ford SUV, killing five 
  • Police have not confirmed his motive but he may have been fleeing the scene of an earlier knife attack 
  • Among those killed were members of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, who perform at the parade every year
  • Another 40 people were injured including twelve children – several people remain in the hospital 
  • Brooks’ criminal history dates back to 1999 and includes felonies and misdemeanors in different states 
  • It’s unclear why his bond was set so low when he was charged with two felonies on November 5th, bail jumping being one of them 
  • The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office is now launching an internal review on his low bond 

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SoundCloud Rapper MathBoi Fly aka Darrell Brooks claims to be a terrorist in one of his songs. He drove a car into a crowd of people in #Waukesha killing five and injuring 40.

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