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Ongoing aggravations trying to vote for Greenville Resident.

Please see Mr.Preston’s, long term resident of Greenville, statement below.

Or does it?

Preston L. Bowling

Greenville, MS 38701

“I don’t understand why I was removed from the voter’s registration list without being contacted. I have lived here at this address sent 1982 work at both rice mills, work at Delta Pine Land and retired in 2013 voted in 2008 did not get to vote again until 2016 where I had to do a write in witch did not count. All I want to do is reregistered and for some reason they want register me. I reregistered when I got my divers license but the city wouldn’t let me vote for a special election sent then I have sent in three forms in the last three weeks and have not been added back to the list I don’t know what else to do. I have Voter’s ID # ******* can I get any help.

Preston Bowling

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