State NewsSurrounding AreasWashington County News Issues Anonymously Sourced Article Critical Of Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde Smith Days Before Election.


With just days before the upcoming election, publishes a story very critical of Cindy Hyde Smith that reads awfully one-sided and out of context.

Other than being anonymously sourced or sourced by “Never Trumpers” masquerading as Mississippi Republicans, the story is full of speculation and obvious personal bias.

What is worse, and despicable, is the story looks to be written in a way in hopes of inciting division within the community by weaponing race.

It’s as almost as if the author may be better suited as the Press Secretary for the Espy Campaign while reading this article.

Most of what is in the story could be considered a campaign contribution The Washington County Auditor feels. That is if one wanted to take the time to make the legal argument in court

The story goes on to explain how Cindy Hyde Smith is a bad candidate because of bad fund raising numbers by comparing her fund raising numbers against other male Senators.

What is not explored in the dynamic of recent fundraising numbers is the role of gender in Deep South politics or the reality that many conservative voters have gone out of business this year because of Covid 19 restrictions applied across the state.

For example: The story describes a past campaign tour as an “apology tour”.

While no where have we found an article from the publication a story calling for an apology from Smith’s competitors’s political party’s history of founding the K. K. K. in the Delta by Democrats for example.

None of that data was taken into consideration it seems, but an immediate jump to the worse possible conclusion by taking a years old comment made by Hyde – Smith, taken out of context, and using it as a racially divisive political attack.

A comment made and debated previously in 2018 when Smith defeated Espy.

The story continues on in that vain and once Tbe Washington County Auditor realized the author’s true intent, the rest of the article was ignored.

I guess this is Mississippi’s “October Surprise”, but what is truly surprising is how truly transparent this “journalism”’s true motive seems to be.

Information about the author of the story is below.

Daniel Newhauser is a freelance journalist based in Washington, D.C. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, National Journal, Politico, Roll Call, VICE News and several other publications. He can be found on Twitter @dnewhauser.

Please note that he is a resident of Washington, DC and writes for several far left publications as a freelance writer.

Notice not once did the author mention the fact that Espy was indicted years ago

The Washington County Auditor
Independent Investigative Journalist $tommytatumnews

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From Ryan Hartwig, The Facebook Insider Who Exposed Facebook’s Open Bias Towards Straight White Men.

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