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Ocean is in flames in the Gulf of Mexico after a gas leak in an underwater pipeline sparked fire | Daily Mail Online

Circle of flames erupts in the Gulf of Mexico after a gas leak causes an underwater pipeline to catch fire before ships rush to extinguish the blaze

  • Bright orange flames raged on the ocean about 150 yards from a Pemex oil drilling platform west of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula around dawn Friday
  • The blaze was dubbed an ‘eye of fire’ on social media due to its circular shape
  • Several boats were seen trying to suffocate the blaze with water  
  • Pemex later confirmed the fire had been put out and no injuries were reported
  • The blaze was caused by a gas leak from an underwater pipeline, it said
  • This marks the latest incident for the beleaguered Mexican state-owned oil company which has been rocked by numerous major oil accidents  

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